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Non-Toxic Sterilization of our Vehicles for Coronavirus

Safety is our primary concern.

Due to the pervasive Coronavirus it is vital that our vehicle be clean and sterile so that our clientele are protected from the virus.

To effectuate this our vehicles are sterilized after each use and continuously during use.  To ensure the cleanliness and sterility of our vehicles we utilize non-toxic and natural cleaning agents which are CDC-accepted for use in the cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing stages. 

To enhance the sterilization process we utilize UVGI “Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation” which are medical-grade UV lights providing a low-temperature non-chemical sterilization technology for quick and efficient disinfection using short-wavelength UV light (UV-C) to destroy or inactivate the DNA of microorganisms - rendering them harmless.  The combination of non-toxic chemical and UVGI treatments allows our vehicles to remain clean while assuring effective sterilization levels.

Our vehicles are deep-cleaned and sterilized by professional cleaners.  

Our professional chauffeurs are highly-experienced drivers who make sure that all necessary compliance is effectuated for the restrictions set by the government during the current crisis.   All of our drivers wear and regularly replace all Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) necessary to carry out all aspects of their duties.  This ranges from gloves and masks as well as non-toxic disinfectants, wipes and other necessary products.

We have you covered.  We provide our clients with their own gloves, masks and other products upon request.  Should you not have your own we are happy to share ours with you.


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